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Scarlett Diamond renowned Showgirl has performed throughout her career for numerus Brands and prestigieux venues including Sony, Universal ,Maison Close, Swatch, l'olympia, Le Bristol, ou encore Le Festival de Cannes... 


Apart form private events where Scarlett has perforemered, she also served as the muse for the private Parisian club "Jobart Barjot" created by Armelle Cohen founder of the Adler Gallery in Paris

Scarlett was featured monthly for nearly 4 years in exclusives custom shows.

Additionally she worked as a freelance contributor for the numerous fashion and Art articles for the club's magazine.

Scarlett also held the position of resident Guest Star for nearly 8MONTHS AT THE RENOWNED CABARET THE "Secret Square" ans in 2019 she took the role of the Guest Star at the prestigious Pink Paradise Cabaret.





Scarlett Diamond began her career in 2004 as a photo model before blossoming the stage of the Parisian Burlesque scene in 2007.



With an artistic painter father and a seamstress mother, Scarlett Diamond inherited a beautiful artist LEGACY. iT WAS  NATURAL FOR HER TO PURSUE STUDIES IN aRT history at the Sorbonne and later in Fashion School in Paris.

As an aesthete, Scarlett Diamond is passionately drawn to Art in all it's

forms. She is in a perpetual search of beauty and the sublime finding inspiration in Art and Fashion, Scarlett's influences span from the biggest revues of the early 20th century to the Golden age of Hollywood in the 30's /40'S.

she also inspired by the Art Deco aesthetic, late century symbolism painting and the captivating allure of the courtesans and the Grandes Horizontales from the Belle Epoque


    As an exceptional visual artist, Scarlett Diamond disrupts the norms of Burlesque, each of her performances are spectacular "Tableaux Vivants" blending Strip Tease and dance enhanced by meticulously crafted choreography, costumes and props staging with refined aesthetic touch.

Like a Diamond she possesses multiple facets that shaped her various performances.



Scarlett is a complete and perfectionnist artist, she shapes her own artistic universe.

She envision and sketches all her costumes and set designs, bringing them to life through the realization of her scenography, music and choregraphy.

 This curvaceous brunette making her vertiginous arch her trademark, immerses us in a dreamlike and sensual universe. In which the female body is elevated to a pedestal, an ode to beauty and feminity where striptease is raised to the rank of Art





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